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Charlie Waite Exhibition

I caught the last day of Charlie Waite’s “Silent Exchange” exhibition in he newly opened Beaumont Gallery at Woodlands Road, Mere,  Wiltshire.  The images no longer appear on the gallery website but here is a link to his home page.

Renowned worldwide landscape photographer Waite brings together landscapes from a number of countries as well as from the local area of Wiltshire and Dorset.   The images are all beautiful sometimes in their simplicity and sometimes with added drama.  Waite describes his photography as a deeply personal experience and has said that it is  “a rather fine interaction between me and the landscape with the camera as the intermediary”.

I really liked this one (link above)  with it’s almost infinity like appearance and all in high key.

Landscape photography is a passion for Waite.  He has described the making of his images as a deeply involving personal experience, or as he has put it “a rather fine interaction between me and the landscape with the camera as the intermediary”.  Waite has been compared to Ansell Adams and  also describes his work and the pre-visualisation first coined by Adams as an important factor in his passion for landscapes.

I have a shot similar to the link above.  I wish that I’d had the patience of Charlie Waite, who waited a long time for the shot to be composed the way he wanted it.  He was disappointed that during his wait some of the cows lay down (not part of his visualisation), but he later felt that they added something more to the shot.

cows (1 of 1)

I was there a long time and my aim was more about the reflection and there were no storms brewing so I wouldn’t have been able to recreate the drama but next time, I will be looking at the landscape in a different way and trying to be a little more patient!

Waite’s understanding of light is apparent and most of his shots  have a particular beauty to them, which captures some dramatic and powerful images.  Yet some are so simple in their composition it made me wonder why my shots don’t turn out like that.  It may have something to do with in his words  “More often than not,  light is the great catalyst that can reveal and finally yield the image one yearns for.”

If Charlie Waite was hoping for an emotional response to his images they certainly moved me.