General Overview

General Overview

Despite a rocky start and delays throughout the year due to personal circumstances I completed Expressing your vision in 15 months. Three to eight months longer than I had anticipated.

Because of circumstances I sometimes lost motivation and direction.  As a result I feel that some of my assignments were rushed and not thought through as well as I might have done.  Especially assignments 2 and 4.  

Having reflected on this I still seem to have made progress and my photography has improved over the time.  A comment from Celena Beech after Assignment 1 suggested that I did not take risks.  I still feel that I stay pretty much in my comfort zone and I need to try to think a bit more laterally when approaching assignments.

I have learnt a lot both from the course work and from my research.  Through this I have increasingly looked at photography from an art perspective rather than reproducing “snapshot” images.

Response to Course Aims and Outcomes:

  • Enable you to begin using technical and visual skills appropriately

I am still getting to grips with the technical side of photography.  My camera skills are improving and my knowledge of the camera and its settings has improved greatly.  My processing skills using Lightroom and Photoshop still have a long way to go.  I have at last improved my ability to produce decent Contact Sheets but some of the other more technical points for improving images need more work.  I do limited processing because of this but can still manage to over process on occasion.

  • enable you to produce practical work which uses the above understanding and demonstrates skills of personal engagement, enquiry, imagination and experimentation

Despite my need to improve my technical skills I think I have managed to produce some very acceptable work.  I engage well with my subject and am beginning to see how the photograph can be a powerful storyteller.  In Assignment 5, I feel that I went a little too far in my enquiry, imagination and experimentation.  I over thought the subject and made my brief wider than necessary.  I used my imagination to try to bring to life the story of the fishing industry and I experimented with documentary photography.  I am relatively happy with the outcome, although there are a couple of shots that I could have improved on and I could have shot at different times of the day to bring more drama into the story. In response to tutor feedback I have now re-worked this assignment and am much happier with it.

  • develop your understanding of contemporary and historical approaches to photography

This is probably the area I have learnt most about.  I understood the development of photography having lived near to and visited many times the home of Fox Talbot but the development of the physical image and what makes a good photograph has been a steep learning curve.  I now also appreciate modern photographic art more.  As for the move from film to digital,  I appreciate the benefits of film photography and the processes required but I am more inclined to the digital process.  The use of black and white photography can help in some circumstances to further enhance the story and I experimented with this in Assignment 2.

  • introduce critical analysis and self-appraisal of ideas, processes and outcomes.

I have found that using critical analysis and self-appraisal is a good way to help me to learn more quickly, using the mistakes and methods I used to move my thought processes on.  However, in my work and on reflection, I can see that when I am under stress I do not always apply that learning and need to remember to do so in future.


Overall, I have enjoyed the experience and am pleased with my progress.  I am looking forward to the next module.


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