Source: ERNST HAAS ESTATE | COLOR: FLORA (Accessed 17.1.2016)

Ernst Haas, an Austrian born photography who emigrated via Paris to America just after the war,was a pioneer of colour photography.  It has been said that before Haas there was no coloured photography, only coloured photos.  He arrived in New York in 1950 he was invited by Robert Capa to join Magnum photos.  This was the heyday of photojournalism but Haas did bit pursue colour as photojournalism.  He portrayed the essence of New York in his presentation of the city scape, through posters, signs and what is loosely termed “street photography” all in colour.  He was given an unheard of amount of coverage in LIFE magazine – a whopping 24 page spread and it was his work that formed the Museum of Modern Arts firs Colour Retrospective.

Once he had changed colour photography forever, he began to experiment with movement, moving with the camera to create the feeling of movement.  He started with bullfights but quickly moved on to other subjects.

I attempted to replicate the way Haas captured movement in the Alnwick Garden Bamboo Maze.


Race Cars, Indiananpolis 500, 1957. Haas E.


Alnwick Garden, Alnwick. 2016.  Wearn L.

Whilst I made no attempt to study how Haas had achieved his capture of motion by moving with the camera the experiment was interesting and showed me that it really is not as easy as it seems.

Haas continued to travel the world capturing sacred sites, shrines, dances of indigenous people for magazines, books and films.   He also ran workshops and received honours in almost every year of his life until his death in 1986.