Assignment 3: The Decisive Moment – Images






the look

  1. The Look

In this shot (1) I particularly like the look on the woman’s face, it is almost saying “talk to the hand”, not listening” or “let’s get on with the shopping”.  I edited the orange light on the right hand side so that it was not so distracting.


2.Police on Duty

In this shot (2), I was just leaving when the two policemen arrived and stood at the barrier.  They agreed I could take the shot.  The older man was from the outset, a little self-conscious and on all shots he had his eyes closed.  I like the context of this one – police doing their job wherever they are needed.

Little girl

3. Little girl

Being a newish grandmother, this little girl caught my eye toddling through the shopping centre with an adult pose, hands behind her back.  I considered editing the white space to the left out but it really changed the composition and context of the shot.



4. Anything but shopping

This shot (4) is of my husband who had been very patient.  I thought it was reminiscent of a Thomas Leuthard shot.  Although I did not capture or attempt to capture the same composition the concentrated look and the blurred background is similar.  I feel that the bigger space behind the subject gives the shot more context and story.



5. Lost

At Cabot’s Circus this couple (5) was quite obviously lost or looking for something.  They stopped just below me giving me the opportunity to compose the shot using the shadow as a leading line to the couple and their activity.

Glass walk

6. Glass Walk

The Glass Walk image (6) allowed me to combine architectural detail with the capture of a young girl admiring it.  The almost monochrome effect of this shot is lifted by the detail of the street below in the right hand corner.   Soon after I shot this the girl took off at a run which I captured but she bent her head and it was obstructed by the hand rail.


7. Balloons

In this shot (7) the little girls are clearly excited by their balloons but the woman on the right is in a hurry to get past.  I particularly liked the movement and the vague look of impatience on the woman’s face.


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