Tutor Feedback and Reflection: Assignment 3


I was very pleased with this set of photographs.  I feel that my research paid off and I improved greatly from the street photography in Assignment 2.  In Assignment 2 the mistake I made was literally interpreting the brief of “crowds”.

Many of the images I shot worked well in both colour and black and white and comments from my tutor advises that I should undertake a project where the outcome would be a black and white set of shots – I will remember this for future projects.

I too like Images 5 and 6.  Just after I shot image 6 the little girl ran off and I managed to capture a shot but because of her height her head was obscured by the railing bar and it was not so strong.  Had I managed to get a shot with her head above the railing it would have been an even better shot.

In Image 7, which is not so strong I think if I had been a little closer to the subject it would have been stronger.  This was a favourite with many of the people I consulted with.

I will endeavour to make my research more visual by including contrasting images.

Overall, I am pleased with this feedback.




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