Research for Exercise 1.4 – Framing

For this exercise I wanted to really understand what is meant by framing.  Up to this point I had thought that it meant using objects such as a window frame or a group of trees to  frame the subject.

What I found was that the frame does not have to enclose the whole image but simply draw the eye in as with “repoussoir”, used in two dimensional art by placing an object in the foreground on either the right or left side which then leads the eye to the object in the background and the focus of the art or in this case shot

Framing is a way of manipulating the view point of the image rather than the object

It includes the use of:

  • Depth of Field
  • Use of objects such as window frames, doorways which also can create a sense of being part of the shot
  • White/Negative space
  • Vingnetting
  • Perspective distortion
  • Use of lens (wide to include more background or long to compress the image)
  • Focus (in/out) to create mood and depth to the image.

When framing is used well it can leave the viewer imagining more than originally intended.


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