Assignment 5: Fishing Boats


Take a series of 10 photographs of any subject of your own choosing. Each photograph must be a unique view of the same subject; in other words, it must contain some ‘new information’ rather than repeat the information of the previous image. Pay attention to the order of the series; if you’re submitting prints, number them on the back. There should be a clear sense of development through the sequence.

What is it About?

 My set of images is about Fishing Boats. Having been brought up near the sea and in a shipbuilding town, boats have always fascinated me. Until recently I had a fear of water and so the bravery of those who made their living from the sea had a particular significance for me.

I chose to present in a documentary style for my assignment. I chanced upon a grave boatyard in France and likened this to the decline of the fishing industry. However, during the course of the assignment and through my research I discovered that the fishing industry is in fact enjoying a rebirth.   My research took me to a boat-building yard Parkhol Marine Limited, in Whitby, who has a full order book until 2019. Additionally, the fleet based in North Shields has grown from an all time low of 7 boats to more than 20 today.

I also discovered that the type of fishing has changed from largely cod, haddock and herring to more crustacean fishing for lobsters, crabs and other molluscs. Ironically, much of these are exported to the Far East and the herring, which were once famous in the North East, are imported from Scandinavia.

All images were taken over a period of about two months with a Canon 5D Mk3 and either a 25-104mm or 17 – 40mm lens, with the exception of the boat sailing into port which was a Sigma 120 – 400mm lens. I kept the ISO low at 100 and all were hand held. I would have preferred to use a tripod in the boat-building yard but because of the space available this option was not possible. This does not appear to have affected the clarity or focus of the images. I have taken a series of shots documenting the “death” and “rebirth” of the industry with a mixture of detailed and wider shots.

Most of the shots were taken during the day in the summer months.  This has given them a uniform style of mainly, bright skies.  Had I taken them at sunrise or sunset they would have taken on a different quality and maybe rendered them more interesting.  However, for the boatyard shots and the fishing shots I was dependent on the time of others and the tide.


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