Exercise 4.5


Make a Google Images search for ‘landscape’, ‘portrait’, or any ordinary subject such as ‘apple’ or ‘sunset’. Add a screengrab of a representative page to your learning log and note down the similarities you find between the images. Now take a number of your own photographs of the same subject, paying special attention to the ‘Creativity’ criteria at the end of Part One. You might like to make the subject appear ‘incidental’, for instance by using juxtaposition, focus or framing. Or you might begin with the observation of Ernst Haas, or the ‘camera vision’ of Bill Brandt. Add a final image to your learning log, together with a selection of preparatory shots. In your notes describe how your photograph differs from your Google Images source images of the same subject.


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 16.40.23


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 09.40.38

I have recently moved to Alnwick, famous for its castle . the home of the Duke of Northumberland and the shooting location of the Harry Potter films and the serial Downton Abbey.  It is also well known for the gardens that the current Duchess created. which include a Poison Garden housing many garden plants that are highly toxic, a real visitor attraction.  The gardens are magnificent in themselves with a creative design incorporating many fountains and water features, mazes, leafy tunnels and quirky activities.  The castle holds daily broomstick flying lessons and regularly has incidental features such as the Super Heroes I came across the day I was there.  There are many images on Google featuring the gardens and it is a photographers’ paradise presenting the opportunity to take traditional shots of the flower beds and landscape but also to encourage a more creative approach too.

Walk way
Walk way

Alnwick Garden, Beech Steps

Alnwick Garden, Beech Tunnel
Alnwick Garden, Beech Tunnel

The three shots above are of a traditional view of the garden, with the leafy walkways offering the opportunity to lead the viewer into the shot. and is reminiscent of the style of many photographers. including leading landscape photographer Charlie Waite.


http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/uk/10915264/Glorious-Charlie-Waite-landscapes.html?frame=2949678 (accessed 10.07.2016)


Alnwick Garden, Fountain 2
Alnwick Garden, Fountain 2
Alnwick Garden, fountain
Alnwick Garden, fountain

The shots of two of the  fountains in the garden were inspired by Ernst Haas.  It is not intended to copy or replicate the kind of images Haas produced. more to use them as inspiration for a creative interpretation of water.   In the first it is the reflections in the water and of the photographer in the steel construction.  In the second I tried to capture the movement of the falling water by shooting only part of the fountain to create a more abstract view.



Ernst Haas, Japan 1984

http://www.ernst-hass.c0m/abstract-1.html (accessed 11.07.2016)

Alnwick Garden, Peony
Alnwick Garden, Peony

There has to be at least one flower shot from a garden.  This shot is not as creative as those of Haas and had I been taking this as a shot in its own right I would have focused more on the inner petals of the flower but I wanted it to have some context.







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