Assignment 3: Draft Images

Submit a set of between six and eight high-quality photographic prints on the theme of the ‘decisive moment’. Street photography is the traditional subject of the decisive moment, but it doesn’t have to be. Landscape may also have a decisive moment of weather, season or time of day. A building may have a decisive moment when human activity and light combine to present a ‘peak’ visual moment. You may choose to create imagery that supports the tradition of the ‘decisive moment’, or you may choose to question or invert the concept. Your aim isn’t to tell a story, but in order to work naturally as a series there should be a linking theme, whether it’s a location, an event or a particular period of time.


I have found this assignment a challenge and would appreciate your comments on my final 6 images which I intend to print for Assignment 3.  I took many shots in colour and converted them to black and white.  I printed them all in high quality and then sought the opinion of friends, family and visitors to my home to help choose the final 6.

These images were all shot in shopping malls (Metro Centre, Newcastle and Cabots Circus, Bristol).  I chose shopping malls because the weather was really bad when I was shooting (it was at the time of Storm Imogen blowing through).


1 -Photographerphotographer

2 – Taking a breakbored

3 – The Glass Walk

glass walk

4- Looking Lost


5 – Anything but shopping


6 – Making the important call



Colour examples

glass work colourbored colourlost colourPhone colourDave colour

The reason I think black and white work better is because the colour either detracts from the subject as in the “Anything but shopping” image or there is little contrast as in the “Glass walk” image.  I am also emulating the style of images taken when the phrase “The Decisive Moment” was coined and they were taken before colour film existed.


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