Exercise 3.2 (Project 2 – A Durational Space)

………. using slow shutter speeds, the multiple exposure function, or another technique inspired by the examples above, try to record the trace of movement within the frame. You can be as experimental as you like. Add a selection of shots together with relevant shooting data and a description of your process (how you captured the shots) to your learning log

Ex 3.2-021

f22@1/4sec., fl105mm, ISO 100

Using an ND filter to prevent glare and aid exposure and using a combination of slow shutter speed and a stack of 10 shots this is reflections in a pond on a very windy day.


f22@0.3sec ISO 100, fl 100mm

This shot is taken through a glass door using a slow shutter speed.  This was the first shot I took and was overexposed.  Later I added an ND filter to compensate for the exposure but I rather like  the effect on this one.


untitled shoot-610

f4,2@1/40sec. FL40mm, ISO 100

This shot uses a combination of burst and panning to capture the motor cyclist sharply whilst throwing the background out of focus.







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