Tutor Feedback and Reflection – Assignment 2

OCA Wearn EYV02 13 Jan 16.doc

For Assignment 2 I chose crowds as my subject.  Big mistake.  I realised without doubt that street photography is not my forte.  That was confirmed by the feedback from my tutor.  Although, some shots were OK many (and I really knew this when I submitted them) were not well composed and the framing was not always satisfactory.

My tutor cites image 8 as an example of where the framing is detrimental to the shot.  I hadn’t even noticed how close the man in the right hand bottom corner was to the edge of the shot, so caught up was I in getting the shot of the boy climbing on the sculpture.  This until the feedback, had been one of my favoured shots!  I guess I’ve still got a lot to learn.

However, Image 5 was a better example of well composed crowd street photography with the eye being drawn into the man who is looking towards the woman who is purchasing an item from the stall.  I did think this was one of the better images too.

Having reviewed my submission following tutor feedback I feel that Image 4 is a particularly bad example of composition and Image 2 is not particularly well framed with my “spot Darth Vader” being tucked away at the bottom of the shot.

I have followed up my tutors recommendation of looking at Lee Friedland’s work and his use of reflections to frame his work.  I have also tried to emulate  this technique in my photography.  This is a shot I took on an unofficial study day to Bath.


Overall the feedback has been very useful and has made me assess my approach to street photography.



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