Exercise 2.7

Use a combination of small apertures and wide lens to take a number of photographs exploring deep depth of field. Because of the small apertures you’ll be working with slow shutter speeds and may need to use a tripod or rest the camera on a stable surface to prevent ‘camera shake’ at low ISOs. Add one or two unedited sequences, together with relevant shooting data and an indication of your selects, to your learning log.

I shot this exercise several times.  Demonstrating depth of field seemed to be a simple exercise I managed to confuse myself twice!  The first when I downloaded my sequence I truly thought that using my 24mm-105 lens that I’d shot at around 25mm but when I checked I’d shot everything at 80mm focal length!  The second time I did not manage to get close enough to the canal boats to achieve the feeling of “being in the shot”, so my third attempt was to set up some bottles on the table at home and demonstrate, using a 17 -40mm wide angle lens and with an ISO of 400 because of the extremely dull conditions I managed to more effectively demonstrate depth of field using small apertures and wide angle view.

Image 1

OCA Exercise 2.7DOF-8712

ISO 250, FL35mm, f22@ 1/15sec

Image 2

OCA Exercise 2.7DOF-8711

ISO250, FL 35mm, f20 @ 1/15sec

Image 3

OCA Exercise 2.7DOF-8707

ISO250, FL35mm, f8, 1/125sec.

Not only did I not get close enough to the barges but all of the images are slightly under exposed.  The actual difference in focus between the foreground and background show very subtle differences which can really only be seen when the image is blown up at 3:1 ratio.  This is the same for the indoor images too.

Image 4

OCA Exercise 2.7DOF-8727

ISO400, FL22mm, f22 @ 1/10sec

Image 5OCA Exercise 2.7DOF-8725

ISO400, FL22mm, f16 @1/20sec

Image 6

OCA Exercise 2.7DOF-8722

ISO400, FL22mm, f8 @1/80sec.

In this second set of images the small screw in the foreground is out for focus between f8 and f14 but then becomes increasingly clearer up to f22.

None of my attempts are particularly imaginative or in fact well composed.  I seem to be having trouble assessing the closeness of the image even when using live view on the camera. Something I need to work on.


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