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Bath Student Study Day: Gold & Grayson Perry Tapestries

On 23rd January, a small group of photography and textiles students met in Bath to visit the Holburne Gallery and the Victoria Gallery to view the current exhibitions of “Gold” , from the Royal Collection and the Grayson Perry tapestries, … Continue reading

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Lens Work: Research Point

Research point Do your own research into some of the photographers mentioned in this project. Look back at your personal archive of photography and try to find a photograph that could be used to illustrate one of the aesthetic codes … Continue reading

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Tutor Feedback and Reflection – Assignment 2

OCA Wearn EYV02 13 Jan 16.doc For Assignment 2 I chose crowds as my subject.  Big mistake.  I realised without doubt that street photography is not my forte.  That was confirmed by the feedback from my tutor.  Although, some shots … Continue reading

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Exercise 2.7

Use a combination of small apertures and wide lens to take a number of photographs exploring deep depth of field. Because of the small apertures you’ll be working with slow shutter speeds and may need to use a tripod or … Continue reading

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Exercise 2.6

Use a combination of wide apertures, long focal lengths and close viewpoints to take a number of photographs with shallow depth of field. (Remember that smaller f numbers mean wider apertures.) Try to compose the out-of-focus parts of the picture … Continue reading

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The distorting lens: Exercise 2.5

Find a subject in front of a background with depth. Take a close viewpoint and zoom in; you’ll need to be aware of the minimum focusing distance of your lens. Focus on the subject and take a single shot. Then, … Continue reading

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The distorting the lens: Exercise 2.4

Find a location with good light for a portrait shot. Place your subject some distance in front of a simple background and select a wide aperture together with a moderately long focal length such as 100mm on a 35mm full-frame … Continue reading

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