Amber Online

Forever Amber Exhibition – Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

This was a very random post which I had intended to describe and then lost internet access for quite awhile.  I went to this exhibition just I enrolled for the course.  It is an amazing story of both film and photography, much of it set in  my native North East of England.  It really  moved me, not least because of the total displacement of the people featured in  it either to make way for “improved” housing or the decline of heavy industry.  I’m not sure if it is touring but much of it is available on line and if you are interested in documentary photography, worth a look.

Karen Falconer in The Independent, described the Forever Amber exhibition as ” Britain’s answer to Magnum” .

For Ever Amber Exhibition: For Ever Amber is the first major retrospective looking at Amber/Side’s extraordinary film & photography collection. It will be at the Laing Art Gallery from June 27th 2015 (now ended).

Source: Amber Online

More recently the Side Gallery that holds the collection has re-opened after major refurbishment and has changing exhibitions and talks as well as an educational programme.  If you are in the North East it is well worth a visit.


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